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Course Location & Timings


Dates: February to November 2012

Timings: 09.45am - 5.00pm

Address: 25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA

Telephone. 0116 2796906

Price: £135

Lunch: Included


Nature = Nature & Bird Photography Course at Rutland Water. Oakham


Photography Course Timings


9.30 -10am Arrival, coffee & biscuits 10.00am camera settings & theory

12.30 -1.00pm light lunch (included)

1pm-3pm Practical photography

3pm-4pm Review photographs

4pm-5pm Photo-editing Demonstration

5pm Questions & course feedback


DSLR Course Requirements


Digital SLR Camera

Extra lenses - optional

External flashgun - optional

Fully charged battery and / or a spare

Empty memory card

Any other kit you need explaining

change of shoes if wet.


Please ensure you have a fully charged battery as we will be using your camera a lot and batteries do to tend to run out.For batteries and cards at huge discounts visit


Gift Vouchers


Gift Vouchers are available for any Digital Photography or Photoshop course. They can be booked for a certain date or be left open for the recipient to book a course themselves - subject to availability. All photography course Gift Vouchers are valid for a full 12 months.

Photography Course Gift Vouchers are available for:




or Just Plain.

Simply contact us with recipients name and email address and we'll send them or you a personalised gift voucher, in the Adobe PDF format, for you to print out and pop in their card.


Student Photo Galleries

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  1. Please ensure you have fully charged batteries.
    Better still to buy a spare battery before the course visit or
    for batteries at less than half price.

  2. An empty memory card with space for 100 images.

  3. A free buffet lunch is included and there will be a vegetarian option. If you have any allergies or special requirements it may be better to bring a packed lunch. Coffee & biscuits are provided on arrival.

  4. Bring warm clothes and a change of shoes as the practical sessions do take place outside.

  5. You can find a map and directions here.

  6. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Gift Voucher Booking - Download PDF Version

Thank you if you have just purchased a Digital Photography Course Gift Voucher. You may want to bookmark this page but we will send you an email, usually within 48 hours, confirming your booking. There are a few things you can do before the course to ensure your experience runs smoothly

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Course Location and Timings - Download PDF Version

Photography Course Timings - Download PDF Version

Photography Course Requirements - PDF Version

Please ensure you have a fully charged battery as we will be using your camera a lot and batteries do to tend to run out.For batteries and cards at huge discounts visit

Digital SLR or Bridge Camera

What's the difference between an SLR and a Bridge Camera?

The most obvious difference visually is the size. Bridge (or hybrid cameras) are generally smaller but may look very similar to a digital SLR camera. The main technical differences are:

The the lens on a bridge camera cannot be removed. This is not a major problem as they often have a 10x to 20x zoom lens.The equivalent - if you could buy one- would be a 24mm to 600mm zoom.

Digital SLR's on the other hand are quite large and heavy by comparison but do allow you to replace the standard lens for a wider or more telephoto lens. This allows you to fit a telephoto or longer zoom lens so you can take pictures of small objects, maybe birds or small animal, from further away without them appearing as a dot on the picture. Most serious amateurs and professional photographers would only ever use an SLR but If you only ever plan to take snapshots then buy a digital compact or bridge camera and keep it with you at all times.

A Hybrid Bridge SLR has an electronic viewfinder, rather like that found on a video camcorder, rather than the optical one found in a DSLR. Technically these cameras are nearer to compact cameras in as much that the sensor size is smaller than a Digital SLR and you cannot remove the lens. The similarity come with the fact that you do view the image directly through the lens via the electronic viewfinder. The advantage of these cameras over a normal compact is they usually have a 10 -15 times optical zoom compared to the normal 3 to 5 times zoom on a standard compact camera.

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We also run group photography courses for charitable organisations, police forces, university and college. If you have a specialist photography, Photoshop or group course in mind then drop us an email or give us a call and we'll see if we can help you.

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We also run a range of 1 to 3 day web design and search engine optimisation training courses. We will take you step by step through the skills required to build and maintain your own website.

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Student Testimonials

I learnt more in the first 30 minutes of this camera course than I had in the last year.

Paul Houghton

Having spent over a year using my camera only on full auto to take photos I decided I needed help to figure out all the settings I should be using.

I'm so pleased I did. This photography course explained all the settings and all the best picture composition tips I needed. Glen ensured no one left without all of their questions being answered- including me.

Laura Simpson 

Take a look at some of our prize winning photographers images here in the Press Room.

From zero to confident in just one day!
Paul Woolley

A great day with so much to digest. I’ve learnt more than I ever imagined and now to put it into practice. I will definitely be back again and recommend the courses to others. Thank you. Elaine McLean

I learnt more in the first 30 minutes of this photography course than I had in the past year. Paul Houghton.

A very easy to understand course with excellent hands on practical experience and advice. Sarah May

Beginners Course. A very friendly and easy to understand course. I wish I had met Glen before I purchased my camera because his knowledge and technical advice is amazing and I wouldn’t have wasted my money on a bridge camera. I can’t wait to get a new DSLR and take the pictures I want to. Tania Kent

A really well paced course and not full of technical jargon. Very effective teaching methods which were easy to understand and Glen made sure all our questions were answered. Nathan Ingram

Objectives achieved. I now know how to take the kind of photographs I've always aspired to. Glen is patient and informative and I felt I got the right level of tuition without being to technical. I would definitely recommend this photography course to others. - Tina Cornah.

The course was very easy to understand and follow. Glen made you feel comfortable and confident at all times when using all the camera settings. Very enjoyable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. No More Full Auto. Clare Hartford. 

Hi Glen "Thanks for a most enjoyable and informative day, It answered all my questioned plus many more. Considering lunch was included I thought it was really excellent value for money."

David Stone

Hi Glen. I'm just dropping you a note to say how much I enjoyed the course today. You answered all my questions and gave me the confidence to go out and use my camera properly. Today has turned my box of expensive gadgets into top class photography equipment. Thanks!

Barry Cunliffe

Student Gallery June

This has been a great photography course and I know I can now take proper photographs instead of just snaps.

Highly Recommended.

Ivan Last 

A Fantastic Course. I now know how to use all the functions on the camera I didn't even know were there. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot.

Karen Evans

I have enjoyed the day. I need to get out now and take hundreds of pictures to get it to stay with me.

Rosemarie Redfern.

I had a load of questions and every one was answered. Really good examples on the course notes. Glen's a very patient teacher.

Helen Jones

Thoroughly enjoyable course. Everything was explained really well and the opportunity for one to one tuition during the practical sessions with things that I struggled on was welcome. Good mixture of information and practical guidance. - Sara Holland