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January 2017 Newsletter
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Hi and welcome to the DPC Newsletter for January 2018.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable New Year. Hopefully you all received some nice new photography toys to play with and we'll see the results on the Facebook Group very soon.

Congratulations to everyone who received a Digital Photography Course Gift Voucher and we look forward to seeing you shortly. Our first available Beginners Course is on Saturday 13th January followed by the next on Saturday 27th January 2018. Simply drop me an email with your chosen date.

Courses and Dates

January Project is - Something New

To celebrate the New Year this month's project is very open. I would like you to either take a photograph with something new or photograph a topic you have never tried before. This could be an action picture of your dog, maybe night photography or try your hand at close up photography using everyday objects around the house.

Your other option is to use any new camera kit you had for Christmas so this could be a new lens, tripod, flashgun or any other new plaything fresh out of the box.

Remember to upload your pix to the DPC Facebook Group.

Running dog

Flickr 52 Week Project for 2018
After the continued success of last years project we are running the group again this year. All you need to do is to take one picture each week throughout 2018 and post in the Flickr group.

Group Rules

1, Only DPC students are allowed to join so you need to have attended or booked a course.
2, Please include exif data to ensure photos are taken during the correct week
3, Post 1 photo per week - running from Monday to Sunday
4, You don't have to post every week as long as the photo is taken in the correct week
5, Maximum of 5 photo's per month catch-up allowed.
6, If you miss a week, please don't give up, but continue ASAP
7, Upload a link from the Facebook Group to your Flickr post

You can join the group here -

Some people have been able to join right away but others have had a message to say they need to be invited. If you do struggle to join just drop me an email and I'll invite you.

If you would like to see last years images for inspiration see here


The Night Photography Course will be on Sunday 11th February. This very popular course will show you how to take pictures at night without using your flash. The course starts at 2pm and ends about 9pm. It includes a light supper. Your own tripod would be helpful but we do have a couple of spares.

The course includes: portraits by candle light, buildings at night, car light trails, writing with light, painting with light, the northern lights and lightning plus some trick photography.

Weather permitting, we should also be able to photograph the moon and maybe even some stars.

Creative Lighting Course Sun 11th March 2018

This is a great fun course where we take pictures of water droplets, peppers splashing into water, smoke trails and any other silliness we can think of on the day.

We also show you how to use other light sources, like candles, torches and Christmas Lights, to create bokeh effects. It's the ideal course if you would like to know how to use your shiny new flashgun or just fancy some nice pictures for your kitchen wall.

A flash extension cable or remote release for your flashgun is very useful for this course and you will also require a tripod but we do keep a couple of spares.


The next Intermediate Course ison Sunday 25th February 2018

Anyone attending the Intermediate Course in the future will require a a Polariser and a ND8 filter for the course. These can be purchased from Amazon at about £11 each or they are included in our exclusive DPC Filter Kit.

Universal Filter Kits now available

These kits were made especially for us so they are not available on eBay or Amazon. They have been put together to cover a wide range of photography skills and they will be required for the Intermediate Course and the new Filters for Landscape Photography Course. If you were to buy these filters individually they would cost over £80 but they are now available from just £35 for the 52-62mm set or £48 for the 77-82mm set.

We only have 62mm kits in stock at the moment but I do have other sizes on order and they should be here in time for the course.

You can order your 52 to 62mm or 77 to 82mm kits here -

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.

Glen & Jacqui /
25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA 0116 2796906


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