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June Newsletter
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Hi and welcome to the DPC Newsletter for June 2017.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and taking the opportunity to get out and shoot some images. As always there’s been some really good postings on the Facebook and Flickr pages.

For those seeking picture ideas this month’s project is  “Framed” and I’ve included some sample images below for  inspiration.

Most upcoming courses are full but I do have a few odd spaces where people have postponed due to other commitments so see below for details. I also have some interested in a Photoshop Course for Thursday 29th June so if anyone would like to join them then let me know ASAP.

I also have someone who would like a midweek 221 Beginners Course ASAP. £199 each. Contact me for details.

I’m also planning the final courses for 2017 so if there are any courses you are interested in can you let me know either by email to or on the FB group.

HDR and RAW Course this Sunday 4th June 2017
Due to a last minute postponement for the HDR and RAW Course this Sunday 4th June so now a have space. This is one of my favourite courses and is especially useful for those folks that like landscape photography or church interiors. This will probably be the last HDR and RAW for 2017. Book here -

HDR Course

The June Project is - Framed

The project for this June is "Framed". The obvious picture is a landscape with overhanging branches but try and be a bit more creative if you can.

I've included sample images below but you are encouraged to be as inventive as possible and remember to upload to the DPC Facebook Group.


Courses and DatesBeginners Camera Courses & Dates

Photoshop Course on Thursday 29th June 2017

I'm looking at running a Photoshop Course on Thursday 29th June. The cost is £135 and if anyone is interested drop me an email. Details here -

Lightroom Courses Sun 16th July

Most of my Lightroom and Photoshop courses are run during the week but I've added a Sunday course, by request 2nd July 2017.

Lightroom CC is constantly evolving and new features are added every month. It also intergrates seamlessly with Photoshop so we'll use it to create a logo for you to add to your exported images in Lightroom.

Macro Course Space on Sunday 2nd July 2017
I have a possible place for the Macro Course on Saturday 7th May 2017. Contact me ASAP if interested.


Speedlight Flash Photography Course on Saturday 7th October 2017

On the beginners course we discussed how using the camera's built in flash can result in pictures which are flat and uninteresting. This can be improved hugely by using a seperate speedlight flash to produce professional looking results.

The Flash Photography Course aims to change this pop-up scenario and will give you a good understanding of how to use a separate flashgun away from the camera to provide more exciting portraits and creative lighting techniques.

Flash Course

This is a Level Two course so you will need to have attended a beginners course first. During this photography course you will learn about :

  • The menus, settings and controls of your flashgun
  • How to use the flash on camera for bounce flash
  • How to use the flash off the camera with a cable
  • How to use the flash remotely off the camera with wireless triggers
  • How to use the Nikon or Canon Creative Lighting Systems
  • How to use flashguns for more creative lighting
  • How to use your flash outdoors for fill-in flash
  • How to take exciting portraits using flash

Beginners Lightroom Course

As you become more confident with you photography is's a good idea to consider shooting in RAW. This is especially useful for landscape photographers as RAW files contain much more information which can help to keep detail in the skies. To get the best out of these RAW files though you need to edit them in a RAW editor. like Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom. Picasa just treats RAW files like JPGs so you will not be able to recover this extra detail.

Book here- -

Lightroom House Edit

Lightroom CC includes Photoshop effectively for free

Many students have upgraded to Lightroom CC, which effectively includes Photoshop for free, so this Lightroom Course will include how to integrate Lightroom with Photoshop. We will look at the Lightroom workflow, from importing your images in the correct format, the filing system, editing and getting the best from RAW files, exporting for print or Facebook and how to use the various LR modules. We’ll also use Photoshop to design a logo as this will demonstrate a lot of really useful PS techniques.

Intermediate Course on Sunday 13th August 2017

Anyone attending the Intermediate Course in the future will require a a Polariser and a ND8 filter for the course. These can be purchased from Amazon at about £11 each or they are included in our exclusive DPC Filter Kit.

Universal Filter Kits now back in stock

These kits were made especially for us so they are not available on eBay or Amazon. They have been put together to cover a wide range of photography skills and they will be required for the Intermediate Course and the new Filters for Landscape Photography Course. If you were to buy these filters individually they would cost over £80 but they are now available from just £35 for the 52-62mm set or £48 for the 77-82mm set.

You can order your 52 to 62mm or 77 to 82mm kits here -

Flowing Water

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.

Glen & Jacqui /
25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA 0116 2796906


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