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The Digital Photography Course 2018 Student Calendar £10 plus £2 P&P


Thank you for buying a Digital Photography Courses 2018 Student Calendar. Single calendars are £10 each plus £2 P&P.

If you are able to collect then they are £10 each and you can pay on collection. Call 0116 2796906 or email

Buy your 2018 DPC Calendar - Sold Out


If the postal address is different to the included PayPal address please include it in the special instructions. 

Our preferred payment method is online by PayPal or Credit Card.We do understand that some people might like to pay by cheque in which case you can reserve a calendar by email or phone and we will put one aside for five days. If you wish to pay by BACS transfer then please contact us for details.

Cheques should be made out to Glen Tillyard
and posted to:

Glen Tillyard
25 Westerby Lane
Smeeton Westerby

Tel 0116 2796906

email -


2018 Calendar Contributors


  • Adrian Gough
  • Alisoun MacDermid‎
  • Andy Johnson
  • Annette Campbell
  • Annette Goodyear
  • Barry Cooper
  • Bernie Catterall
  • Chris Keeton
  • Claire Jackson
  • Darrell Whitehead
  • David Painter
  • Emma Booth
  • Gary Mills
  • Gurnak Singh Dosanjh
  • Heather Marfleet
  • Helen Bason
  • Ian Dalzell
  • Jannette Davison
  • Jayne Hobson‎
  • Jill Hempsall
  • Jim Tyson
  • John Wyatt
  • Julie Cooper
  • Julie Whitcombe
  • Justine Flack
  • Karen Coles‎
  • Karen Collison
  • Kate Evans
  • Kenneth John Darling
  • Kerry Butler
  • Krista Wale
  • Liz Reading
  • Marc Darling
  • Margaret Rose
  • Martin Saggers
  • Mary Edmunds Otter
  • Mary Hartfield
  • Michael Statham
  • Michael Ward
  • Paul Rose
  • Paul Wesson
  • Peter Crowe
  • Rachel Everson
  • Ricky Bowman
  • Robert Bent
  • Roger Batt‎
  • Sarah Seaton
  • Shân Swann
  • Sharon Kormska
  • Simon Kimber
  • Steve Envis
  • Sue Butler
  • Suresh Thalange
  • Tara Lydon
  • Tina Mist
  • Tracy Saggers

Thank you for your support.


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Start looking for your 2019 Calendar Pictures

We are now calling for images for the 201 DPC Student Calendar. As in previous years I will set up a Facebook album where students can post a maximum of four images each. 

You can submit as many images as you would like to the Facebook Group to select a shortlist but you can only include four images in your final selection.

Once chosen all you need to do is submit the four images in an album to the DPC Facebook Group page with the word CALENDAR, in capitals please, at the start of the text so I can identify and download your entries.

I will then put all the entries into a FB album so everyone can vote on their favourites. You do not need to enter to be able to vote. Please upload your pictures to:

Remember to include a variety of seasonal images to fit in with the design and layout.

Be aware that the calendar uses a horizontal template so the main page pictures are unlikely to be an upright or a panorama.

Any images with people must include the written permission from them for publication.

2019 Calendar Timetable

  1. The closing date for your four submissions is TBA
  2. I will upload an album of all the images to a Facebook Album
  3. Voting starts on - TBA
  4. You can vote for as many images as you like but not your own.
  5. Please see the Photo Tips Below and include all four seasons.
  6. The vote will give us a shortlist but Jacqui and I will choose the main images
  7. Our decision is final and we should have a copies available by TBA

Please try to:

  • Please title your FB post CALENDAR 2019

  • Any images will be cropped to an image ratio are 4x3 for landscapes and 2x3 for the uprights.

  • Uprights will not be eligable for the main images.

  • Do not add your name or logo on the image. These will be removed.

  • Include all the Seasons –Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

  • Various events help– Easter, Valentine, Halloween, Fireworks, Christmas, Poppies.

  • Do not include odd shapes like squares, panoramas or very tall image. They will not be used regardless of number of votes they get as they will not fit the calendar template.

  • Please ensure any uploaded images are at least 1600px wide.

  • Images can be exported in Picasa or Lightroom but no logos please.

  • The main image winners may be contacted for a larger version if needed.

  • Any images with people must include the written permission from them for publication.