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Just the right amount of information was explained. Thank you for not over complicating things with lots of technical jargon. The practical session outdoors followed by the constructive feedback on the photographs was great. SF

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

Hi Glen,I just wanted to say thanks for the course, it was a great day, worth every penny. It's a great relief to now know that the expensive camera I have purchased and the new nikon 18-200 will be now be used correctly & hopefully I will be able to produce some fantastic picture in Borneo. I have recommended you to a few people, and I intend to see you for one of the wildlife courses in the future.Thanks again for superb day.Pictures by Craig Rogers

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

Glen really tries hard to avoid the jargon and keep the instructions simple & understandable. His tuition focuses on getting the basic building blocks in place. He is definitely knowledgeable and he has certainly inspired me to practice my new skills and learn more. An excellent photography course. - David John

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

I very much enjoyed this course. All I need now is lots of pactice.
Stirling Paling

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

This photography course was explained very clearly and at a good pace and showed a good variety of techniques. I enjoyed the freedom to take your own shots unsupervised and the Picasa insight was very useful. - Edward Campton

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

An excellent photography course. I feel inspired to try the camera on different settingsand not to just use auto. I really beginning to understand how the camera works.- Karen Coles

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

An excellent course. I now know how to use my camera correctly and I'm looking forward to attending my next course. I would definitely recommend this beginners course to anybody new to photography. - Gerry Mallaghan

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

Excellent! I really learnt a lot. Now to go out and practice. I look forwards to attending further photography courses. - Diane Norwood

Digital Photography Course Student Pictures

A very informative and easy to follow course. I enjoyed the practical and seeing the results at the end. I would have no hesitation in booking a future photography course. - Neil Warner

Photography Course images by Kate Hamilton

A great photography course and I really feel like I understood the basic principles. Very pleased to have come on a course rather than trying to learn through trial and error. All I need now is a lot of practice. Many thanks. - Kate Hamilton

Photography Course images by Beccy Holmes

I just wanted to thank you again for the photography course today. I thought that it was going in way over my head but you made it seem so much easier. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be booking other courses. Excellent course full of useful information. I was thrilled with the amount I learned. Thank you. - Becky Holmes

Photography Courses piuctures by Jody Kass

At first I found the practical sessions quite difficult to grasp as my mind was full of useful information but with the reference card and some pointers from Glen I was well away.I suddenly found myself driving home and looking around at the fab photo opportunities. Jody Kass

Photography Course Pictures by David Griffin

Despite having taken thousands of pictures over the years this course has still taught me many things I didn't know. Highly recommended. -David Griffin.

Photography Course Pictures by James Bettles

I enjoyed this course and learned a lot about photography - James Bettles

Photography Course Pictures by Lee Mitchelson

A good day with all aspects covered well.
Lee Mitchelson

Photography Course Pictures by Peter Yard

A really good course to understand the basic operatons of a digital SLR but more importantly the simple techniques learnt to compose and take good pictures. Peter Yard