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Course Timings & Location


Dates: February to November

Timings: 09.30am - 5.00pm

Registration - 9.30am-9.45am

Address: 25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA

Telephone. 0116 2796906

Price: From £135

Lunch: Included


AWBC Landscape & Bird Photography Course is at Rutland Water. Oakham


Your Tutor - Glen Tillyard

Photography courses by Glen Tillyard


I'm an NCTJ qualified, award winning professional press photographer, with over 30 years experience in a vast range of photographic subjects.


I've also taught and lectured in photography and Photoshop at many adult colleges and schools throughout Leicestershire.We also run specialist courses for police forces, Corporates and charities, including the British Red Cross.


We understand that different students have different learning styles so we use recognised teaching methods to ensure that whatever your needs we'll aim to get the message across, without using jargon, in a way you can understand.


I now specialise in running photography courses helping beginners to get the very best from their digital camera. I'm passionate about helping you to get off the full auto setting and I'll show you how to take stunning photographs in just one day.


Please don't take my word for how good these photography courses are but take a few moments to read some of the many testimonials in the right hand column of each page and the student galleries over on the left hand navigation column.


If you have any questions about photography or buying a camera then I'm happy to answer them without obligation.

Very best wishes,
Glen Tillyard



DSLR Photography Course Guide Timings


9.30 -9.45am Arrival, coffee & biscuits

9.45am - Registration

10.00am camera settings & theory

12.30 -1.00pm light lunch (included)

1pm-3pm Practical photography

3pm-4pm Review photographs

4pm-4.30pm Photo-editing - Close

5pm Questions & course feedback

Batteries & Cards

Please ensure you have a fully charged battery as we will be using your camera a lot and batteries do to tend to run out. For batteries and cards at huge discounts visit


DSLR Course Requirements

Digital SLR Camera (or a bridge camera but see below)

Any extra lenses - optional

Fully charged battery and / or a spare

Empty memory card with space for at least 100 images

External flashgun - optional

Tripod - optional

Any other kit you need explaining

Change of shoes if wet.


Bridge/Hybrid Camera Users

Most courses are intended for Digital SLR users but we do sometimes get asked if Bridge or Hybrid cameras users can attend the Digital SLR photography courses. The proviso is that some of the more technical aspects of Digital SLR photography might not apply to the bridge camera but you will still find the course beneficial and enjoyable.

If you are happy to accept these conditions then you are very welcome to attend. You will be informed during the course of any items do not apply to your bridge camera.


Please contact us, without obligation, if you have any question.

Get Your Camera Off Auto on a Beginners Photography Courses

Drop us an email if you would like to be added to our newsletter list to be kept informed of future courses. We also have Gift Vouchers available here.

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One Day Beginner's Photography Courses £135 Courses

If you would like to "Get your camera off Full Auto and learn how to take stunning photographs in just one day" then our beginners photography course is perfect for you.

Many novice photographers use their expensive Digital SLR Camera on the Fully Auto setting and are often disappointed by the results. Our jargon free Digital Photography Courses will explain in simple terms when to use all the other settings and we'll show you how to take stunning photographs, you will be proud to hang on your wall, in just one day.

Courses take place in the picturesque village of Smeeton Westerby, Near Kibworth, Leicestershire. and run from 9.30am-5pm.

Camera & Lens Hire - Nikon with 18-270mm lens

Nikon D5000The aim of these courses is to teach you how to use your own DSLR or Bridge camera. We appreciate that some students may not have a Digital SLR or want to upgrade from a bridge camera so we can loan you a Nikon with 18-270mm zoom lens for the course. This combintaion costs about £600 so there is a small charge of £25 to hire it for the course. We only have one spare camera and lens so please contact us first to ensure it is available then choose the Course and Camera Hire option below.

During these photography courses you will learn:

See the high standard of Student photographs in our 2018 Calendar here

"A Fantastic Photography Course"

"A fantastic photography course. Glen is a brilliant teacher and the course was not only hugely informative but great fun. I learnt so much about camera settings, including things I didn’t know existed. Excellent tuition which covered both technical and photographic aspects. Terrific value." Margo Leach

"A really great photography course. Enjoyable, fun, useful and easy to understand. Glen was fantastic! I learnt more in the first hour than I ever did during my two year Photography A Level Course. Highly Recommended." Sian Neale

Our Beginners Photography Course will show you how to:

Please email me if you would like to attend a weekday Beginners Course on a Monday.

Jargon Free & Practical Hands On Training by Glen Tillyard

Our professional photographer and trainer uses jargon free simple explanations, along with hands on practical exercises, to help you to understand your camera so you can start taking pictures better than you ever thought possible in just a few hours. We also have private tuition and specialist courses in:

See Our Top Five Holiday Photography Tips

On the right of each page you will find testimonials & feedback.>>>

Take a look at our 2018 Student Calendar here

Beginners Digital SLR Photography Course £135

Photography Course LeicesterOur practical hands on one day Beginner's Digital SLR photography courses are limited to six students* and will suit anyone from the complete beginner to the intermediate Digital SLR photographer. Beware of some lesser camera courses who will happily take up to 40 students, in a lecture theatre, with very little hands on photography. * Very occasionally we will take 7 students if two attendees need to attend together and can arrive in one car.

"I’ve had a digital camera for years but Glen not only teaches you what the features do but also the best way to set them for different subjects. Highly recommended." Ed Spooner

This course is also suitable for Bridge cameras and Electronic Viewfinder cameras from Panosonic, Sony, Pentax and Fuji.

See here for 1 to 1 Private Photography Tuition

Which Is The Best Photography Course For You?

We recommend everyone does our Beginners Photography Course first as we train you to a much higher standard than most other photography courses. We have students who have returned for up to 12 different and progressive courses so your photography skills can continue to grow as you become more confident. Each year I need to create a new course as some students have attended all of them.

Unlike some cheaper courses we offer continued support by email, phone or through our very active and helpful Facebook Group. We also have our own Photography Exhibition, Calendar and "Snap & Chat" Days out where students can meet each other. It's rather like a big, friendly camera club. If you like a challenge then students can also join the DPC 52 Week Project on Flickr.

Follow on Level Two Photography Courses
Many of our students return for many additional courses. Some student have done every course we offer so we are constantly adding new courses on request. We have a wide range of level two follow on courses to take you to the next level so your photography will continue to improve in the future. Our Photography Course Gift Vouchers also make and excellent birthday or special occasion present.

Course Requirement - a DSLR or Bridge Camera with PASM settings

Advice on which camera and lens to suit a beginner

Would this photography course be better for me than going to college evening classes?

Think about this. How many creative, exciting pictures do you think you will take indoors on a winter night in a classroom?

Frosty MorningOur simply explained camera handling and photography composition training will help you use your Digital SLR camera to take great pictures in just a few hours. You will learn more in one day on these photography courses than you will in weeks of evening classroom sessions.

Get your camera off the Full Auto Setting

Many novice photographers tend to use their expensive DSLR on the fully auto setting and are often unimpressed by the average results achieved. This one day photography course will demonstrate how and when to use the manual settings and how to take fantastic portrait, landscape or action photographs you would be proud to hang on your wall. More Info about our DSLR Photography courses>

Nikon Camera Guide / Canon Camera Guide / Camera & Lens FAQ's


Some of our Level Two Photography Courses



Macro Photography Course £135

Macro waspThis One Day Macro & Close-up Photography Course is suitable for the experienced novice or intermediate photographer .Ideally you will have attended one of our Beginners Photography Courses as a good understanding of the menus and various camera settings will be required.

Low Light & Night Photography Course £135

This combined low-light & Night photography course will show you how to take great shots indoors by candle light or at concerts, car light trails, writing with light, buildings at night , firework and Halloween pictures.

Home Studio Portrait Photography Course £135

Studio Portrait KitStudents are increasingly asking how to take portraits using studio flash with white or black backgrounds so we are adding this to the course itinerary. There will also be the chance to try out various professional flash techniques using bounced and direct flash. Your own dedicated flashgun with a bounce head and a tripod are really useful additions for this course.

HDR sunrise by Digital Camera CoursesHDR & RAW Photography Course £135

The best photography course if you like taking stunning landscape photographs or you have already attended our beginners course.

Intermediate DSLR Private Tuition £325

This one to one training is aimed at photographers who want to go beyond the skills in the beginners camera course.

One to One Photography Tuition £325

The one to one private photography tuition includes everything in the Beginner's Photography Course and part of the Intermediate Photography Course. They usually take place at Foxton Locks and the practical sessions are twice that of the group courses.

Product Photography Course from £399

The product photography course is aimed at businesses who need to take their own product photography shots for catalogues or web sites.

Pictures for Publication Photography Course £325

This is the best photography course if you need to take pictures for publication in newsletters, magazines or web-sites. It includes sample press assignments and caption writing.

Professional Photography Course £3600

Professional Photography Training

This intensive professional photography course is aimed at amateurs who want to earn money from their photography. It includes three months of private tuition & assignments with feedback along with sales, marketing & business advice from an accredited business mentor.

Nature & Bird Photography Course at Rutland Water £135

These take place in April & September at the Rutland Water Bird-Watching Centre and concentrates on Landscape & Bird Photography.

Photography Course Gift Vouchers from £25

We have a selection of Photoshop & photography courses gift vouchers ranging from £25 up to the full course price. They are valid for 12 months and can be customised for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, a special occasion or just plain.

They can be booked for a certain date or be left open for the recipient to book the course themselves - subject to availability. The recipient simply needs to contact us with their chosen date

"This course was paid for with my 50th birthday money and it has been one of the best birthday presents ever. I've had a great day."


Photography Course Gift Vouchers are available for:

Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

: 09.30am - 5.00pm
- Registration - 9.30am-9.45am

Address: 25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA

Telephone. 0116 2796906

Price: From £135 Lunch: Included

e-mail - or call 0116 279 6906

"We are not a franchise"

Digital Photography Courses are proud to say "We are not a franchise".

Many other courses you will find on the internet today are run as a franchise. This means that anyone, regardless of talent or training qualifications, can set up running camera courses.

All you do need is to pay between £5,000 & £10,000 for the franchise and then give away 20% off your earnings and you to could run a photography course. The problem with this is you can get very variable standards of teaching and I've heard some real horror stories from many students who have attended these courses. Some tell of there being up to 40 students in a class while other say the day was a complete waste of money.

The very fact that people feel the need to attend our courses after attending elsewhere speaks volumes.

Unlike many other company's courses, who are happy to take your money then show you the door with very little hands on training, we ensure that all your questions are answered before you leave plus we offer continued support through our Facebook and Flickr groups. This might be why so many students return for additional courses or recommend us to their friends.


Student Testimonials 

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I thoroughly enjoyed the day and after four years of owning a digital camera I've learned more in one day than I had in the previous four years put together. At last I understand what I'm doing and I look forward to taking much better photographs.
Derek Welsh

This course was excellent. I feel I will be able to use all the info to my advantage. I would like to attend more courses to improve my photography skills in the future. Many thanks. Wendy Deacon

Very informative and detailed explanations which made things easier to understand and put into practice. I can’t wait to go out and put my new found skills into practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you.
Wendy Burcham

Camera Buying Guide

A very interesting and useful days course by a very knowledgable trainer. I learnt a lot. David Wilford

This course was excellent and I learnt an enormous amount. I now feel really confident and cannot wait to go out with my camera and really enjoy it. No more auto settings for me. Jon Mosely

A really excellent course that fully explained the fundamentals of DSLR photography which I had been previously unaware of. 
Steve Coates.

Very detailed and well presented course. Great explanations with good examples, demonstrations and practical exercises.
Toby Hegerty

I'm on an Art Foundation course at Loughborough University and since attending Glen's beginners course I feel my photography has improved greatly and I am much more confident at altering my camera setting quickly.

My tutors said that my photographs were as good the third year fine art degree students!

I look forward to attending another one of your courses over the summer. Annie.

This course was excellent. The techniques were clearly and simply explaned without jargon. A good balance between theory and practical sessions. Liz Clark.

A really fun day. I took some photos I was really happy with and I felt able to ask questions. I would recommend this course highly.
Claire Jackson

A great course really well explained. I was at a good easy pace for beginners who would like to know how to get their cameras of the Full Auto setting. I feel so much more confident using my camera. Thank you. Rose Rees

A very enjoyable day and I felt I've learnt a lot more than I expected in just one day. I will definitely be attending another course. S.F.

Fantastic photography course. Glen is a brilliant teacher and the course was not only hugely informative but great fun. I learnt so much about camera settings, including things I didn’t know existed. Excellent tuition which covered both technical and photographic aspects. Terrific value.
Margo Leach

Nikon Camera Guide

Canon Camera Guide 

Lens Buying Guide

Take a look at our 2018 Student Calendar here

I learnt more in 8 hours with Glen than I had in the previous four years of owning my Panosonic Lumix GH2.
Michael Leach.

A great introductory course. Excellent value. Ian Inglis

I learnt more in the first 30 minutes of this photography course than I had in the past year. Paul Houghton.

A great day with so much to digest. I’ve learnt more than I ever imagined and now to put it into practice. I will definitely be back again and recommend the courses to others. Thank you. Elaine McLean

A great course which was a good introduction to photography and my DSLR. I’m looking forward to using my new skills. Steve Bluett.

A very good course. Thank you for your help. Sujita Pankania Excellent course. Thanks Glen. Steve Allen

I've had a brilliant day. Glenda Mills

“An excellent day , excellent teaching and learning by an excellent tutor!” Denise Reid

“This course was brilliant and I would definitely come to more courses!” Callum Boulter

“Everything was explained clearly and in a practical way. The “fieldwork” was really useful and reinforced the techniques learnt during the day.” Richard Pateman

“Great value, will be attending another course” Richard Deacon

See Glen's Flickr Photostream Here

Wex Photographic
are one of the few cmaera stores still open and when possible I try to support them. If they are selling what you need at the best price then please use the link below. Cheers Glen

Fantastic! I really enjoyed the day and it met all my objectives. I can now banish the auto setting forever. Thank you, Glen. Karl Watson.

A really great day in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Within an hour I had learnt so much and was able to apply it straight away in the practical sessions. I can’t wait to get out and start taking great pictures. Thank you. Mark Atkinson

A great course which was very well put across. I will be going home confident in how to use the P, A,and S settings. A fantastic day with so much knowledge gained. Thanks. Peter Dennis.

I was amazed at the quality and standard of the photographs I have taken from a single day course. Very clear instruction. Lots of information given and the practical sessions give you a chance to try it all out. Thank you very much. Toby Maloy

I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ll be back for more when I’ve mastered what I have learnt today. Jeanette Hill

A really very helpful course. I feel I can come off automatic. I really enjoyed the simple explanations and I came away with some not bad results too. Thanks.
Steve Booth

An excellent starter / refresher course that teaches you how to handle your camera without getting too technical or losing you in the menus. The practical session and photo review leaves you wanting to take photos even more. David Orme.

From zero to confident in just one day!
Paul Woolley .